What Package Should I Pick

One of the biggest questions we get asked is, what package should I pick?


There are many factors that go into deciding what package to pick for your wedding video and these are:


1, Cost. It goes without saying, but despite that we have to mention it, so that we are writing an accurate article. Some couples would love an all singing three or four camera wedding video, but simply do not have the money. Or maybe they do have the money but have decided that they want to leave some money for other things at the wedding or in life.


2, The intrusion into the day. For some people, having a lot of cameras on them makes them feel uncomfortable. It may be that they are fine with cameras on them, but because the groom is making a speech, he does not want the extra pressure.


3, Quality. The fact is that the more cameras you shoot a wedding video with, the better quality the wedding video will be. This is for a variety of reasons:


A, Having different cameras pointing at different things allows the editor and therefore the viewer to observe and experience many different aspects of the wedding day. It is simply a more comprehensive experience. If you watch a wedding on East Enders, you will see that the ceremony is made up of many different camera angles. Jumping from a one camera wedding video to a two camera wedding video makes a massive difference especially to the ceremony, speeches and the first dance.


During the ceremony, camera number one is always diagonally facing the bride, so you see little of the groom. By having a second camera, you can also get a great view of the groom and see his emotions also.


During the speeches, it is a great advantage to have one camera pointing close at the person making the speech, so we can see their emotion, and one at the entire head table so we can see their reactions to the emotions or the laughs.


A typical first dance involves the bride and groom slowly spinning around. With one camera, this results in only being able to see the back of either the bride or groom's head, as they spin. By having a second camera at 90 degree to camera one, you can cut from one camera to the other camera and always see their faces.


In summary, it can be a daunting task picking the correct package for your wedding. There are a lot of factors to take into account. As a result of this great care must be taken in choosing the correct package. It is a massive personal choice, but as long as you really think about what is personally important, then the correct choice is never far away.


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