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Its always a hard decision, whether to get a wedding gifts list. On one hand you do not want to tell people what to buy you because it almost seems rude, but on the other hand you do not want to get loads of things you do not want. Here is some ideas to help you on that decision.


You can set up a collection on a website and your friends can contribute towards your chosen piece of countryside where you can also have an individually crafted things and personalised plaque in your dedicated area. They could club together to buy you a special day out or activity. With a bit or imagination you could have your date nights sorted for the next year thanks to your guests! It’s the ultimate personalised wedding gift from all of your guests and something you will cherish long after their wedding day. They also provide a voucher service enabling friends to supplement their contribution by gifting high street or honeymoon voucher.


Invite your friends to give you the gift of a recipe and create a unique cookbook to celebrate your wedding. Gifts national is an alternative gift list service that enables guests to contribute their recipes, photos and personal messages online for you to receive a free hardback recipe book full of all your friends and family’s treasured recipes. You could have a voucher for a meal at a local restaurant or tickets to see a show. They could join together to buy you a cookery class, chocolate making or cocktail lesson, or even a spa day. With a bit or imagination you could have your date nights sorted for the next year thanks to your friends!



For the nature couple with an eye on the environment, the Woodland Trust has come up with a system that enables guests to give the gift of a tree or a special piece of woodland. Use your big day to help a charity by suggesting guests make a charitable donation in your name. You could also make a donation on behalf of your guests and have unique and meaningful wedding favours.


With these alternative gift list ideas now available, you are sure to find one that will reflect your personality and allow friends and family to give you something memorable to celebrate your wedding day.


In summary, there are many things you could do in terms of a gift list, it just requires you to think outside the box and use your imagination. Ask friends and family for ideas and I'm sure some great ones will comes your way.


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