Tips For Buying The Perfect Wedding Dress

There is no such thing as the perfect wedding dress, there is just the perfect wedding dress for that particular bride. It is the biggest clothing decision you will ever make in your life, so no wonder there is so much pressure on a bride to get it right.


In this article we will discuss a few tips to help make the correct decision.


1, Budget. Figure out your budget. There is no point in going to shops randomly, only to find out that the dresses in a shop are out of your price range. That will lead to disappointment and a waste of time. Figure your budget, and then pre ring shops and ask what their price ranges are, before you waste your time going. Or worse, you go and see the perfect dress, only to find out that it is out of your price range.


2, Consultants. Be careful to pick the right friends to come with you. You want support and enthusiasm, but you must have honesty. Friends that say you look great in everything are no good to you. You need friends that will point out if a dress has something wrong with it, or it is not right for your figure.


3, Figure and size. You must decide what your figure size is going to be on the wedding day. So many brides decide that they are going to lose weight for their wedding, and do not. Ideally you should have lost the weight before you start trying dresses on, so that you really know that a dress fits.


4, Time. Make sure you go dress shopping early enough, because some dress manufacturers take up to eight months to have a tailored dress ready for you.


5, Shoes. Make sure you are wearing heels that are very similar to the heels you will be wearing on the wedding day. Shoes make all the difference to your body posture. Wear completely different shoes and the dress fit will change.


6, Research. Do a lot of online research before you even enter a shop. You need to familiarise your self with wedding dress types, so that before you commit the expansive time it takes to try dresses on, you have an idea of what you want. By going online, you can narrow down what you are looking for, and then by ringing shops before hand, you can see if those shop have those styles, and therefore roughly have what you are looking for.


7, Ask groom. I would presume that most brides care what their groom thinks of the dress, but off course you do not want him to see the dress. If you do care what he thinks, then showing him various styles and see if he particularly likes or dislikes a particular style. It may be that he hates the type of dress you were about to get.


These are just some tips that brides have mentioned to us over the years, that have helped them pick the perfect dress. There are obviously many other great tips out there to help you, but we hope that these have helped in some way.


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