Strict Priests, Registrars And Vicars


Most ceremony leaders are very relaxed about photographers and videographers doing what they want during ceremony. Unfortunately there are some that impose very strict rules on what we professional can do.


In fact some do not let you in the church at all. This is a real shame because if it is what the bride and groom want, then they should obviously get what they want, it is after all their day.


Some priests etc impose these rules because they have had a bad experience with photographer and videographers in the past, where as some do it simply because they are complete megalomaniacs who think their opinion is so important that they should get their way. If videographers cause a slight inconvenience to them, then they are simply not allowed into the church to film, because even though it is what the bride and groom want, it is not what they want and that is that.




Some priests will allow you to film, but they make you stand so far away that you can not get a proper view of the bride and groom. This is very unfortunate, but at least the bride and groom will get some of their ceremony recorded.


If we are faced with such a priest we always try to assure them that we will not get in the way. Often this falls on deaf ears but it is always worth ago. We always try to befriend the priests, hoping that he will like us and trust us, but some are just so unfriendly and hard headed that it simply does not work. At least by attempting we are being professional by trying our very best for the bride and groom.


One thing that works quite well, is asking the priests if you can leave the camera un manned at the front of the church and that we will even put a sheet over it to hide it. Its is very hard for the priest to argue that a hidden camera can cause a distraction, however some still do not let you. Is it any wonder that church attendances have fallen so rapidly over the past thirty years.


I always feel very sorry for couples who book a church presuming that they will be able to watch their wedding ceremony on video, only to find that the priest or vicar is denying them that pleasure, because he thinks he is so important he should do that and not feel bad about it in anyway.


Unfortunately it is often too late to change wedding ceremony venue and the couple have to just accept these rules that are being forced upon them.


Personally I think it should be completely up to the bride and groom what they have on their wedding day, it is after all their day. I think this is one of the reasons that the church wedding is on the slide. People feel so thrust rated that they are restricted from what they want, that they decide to leave the church completely out of their wedding. I can understand that the vicar or priest feels that they are responsible for the success of the ceremony, but in the end of the day, as long as they have done their job properly, they can not be blamed for a disruptive photographer or videographer.

It was the bride and groom that hired these people to be there, so it is obvious that they must take ultimate responsibility for the actions of these people. Why the priest feels he has to intervene, I do not know.


It should always be the bride and groom's choice.


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