Save Some Money In Winter

Not every one knows, but you can save a lot of money on your wedding, by getting married in winter. This is because most people want to get married in summer, and as a result, most wedding venues would be virtually empty in winter if not for discounts.


To make the most of their fixed costs, the venues do a massive discount in winter, so that they can keep their business running, making money, and also retain their staff. The advantages of getting married in summer, is that there is plenty of hours of sunlight, which is important for getting the photographs. The weather is probably going to be much better in summer also, which may allow your guests to mingle on the lawn, which is great if you are getting married at some great hall, that has fantastic grounds. It also means the guests are not stuck inside all day.


If you do opt to have your wedding winter, it may not be to save money full stop. It may be to stretch the budget, so that you can afford some of the extras, that you could not afford in summer, like a band for the night event, or some entertainment for the children.


If this makes sense to you, why not go for it. After all, you can never guarantee the weather in summer in the UK anyway, so why not take a chance on winter.


If you do decide to go ahead and book a winter wedding, then there are some things that you should take into account.


1, Make sure you have your ceremony early enough, to make sure there is enough light to do your photographs. You need to make sure that your ceremony is no later than 1pm, in order to guarantee this.


2, Think about transport. Make sure there is good transport laid on for the elderly especially.


3, Make sure you have hot food for the guests. Cold starters will not be appreciated in winter.


4, Ensure the venue has adequate heating, especially if you are getting married in a marquis.


Follow these step and you could be on your way, to a fantastic winter wedding. Ignore some of these issues, and you may wish you had opted for the summer wedding.


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Save Some Money In Winter



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