Is Tape Based Recording Extinct


I think it must be said that tape based recording has seen its day. For a long time it served us well, and was such a help to film makers, mainly because it massively reduced the cost of recording footage. This was because film stock was so expensive, and could not be re used. Tape was cheap and could be re used.


The only problem with tape was that it limited you to an hours worth of recording, but the main problem was how long it took to capture footage. Essentially, if you had an hours footage, it took an hour to capture, but if you were capturing a series of small clips and you were separating them out in the editing system, as you should, it would take double that time at least. Unfortunately there was no editing system that could capture from a tape, and separate out all the individual clips.


When the digital capture card came along this all changed, suddenly were able to import clips and have them all loaded into our editing system, as separate clips, ready top be labelled. This saved such an amount of time, that the tape became a thing of the past. The other advantage was that with the most advanced editing system you were able to edit from the card immediately, so if you needed a mega fast turn around, you could have it.


Another advantage of the digital recording card is that it does not suffer from drop out. Drop out is when the tape would lose a frame in the recording. This in its self is not such a massive deal, because if you have footage and you lose a single frame you barely notice it, but it would cause huge problems when capturing, because the capturing process would always be halted by this lost frame.


In conclusion, the tape was a huge advancement in video recording, and allowed many film makers to get out there and work/experiment, that would simply not have been able to afford to before. Unfortunately, like all technological advancements, it was eventually replaced by a more sophisticated and convenient technological advancement.


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