Getting Married In Greece

For some couples organising a wedding in the UK can be difficult. One of the main reasons for this, is the fact that they have so many friends and family that they would have to invite, that it makes it too expensive. This is because the main bulk of a wedding expense is the cost of the food for all the guests. One hundred guests at sixty pounds per heads makes it six thousand pounds. Add onto that the cost of the night time food, at twenty pounds per head, and you bring the total up to eight thousand pounds. That is a lot of money before you have bought a dress, shoes, rings, favours etc.


For this reason, a lot of couples decide to get married in Greece or another location. Greece is particularly popular because it is quite cheap and has some stunning venues. The question comes down to this. Do you want to spend double the money to get married in a location in the UK, and maybe have a rain filled day, or do you want to get married in a location abroad, where you can almost guarantee the weather. You may also look better on the photographs, as you may have caught yourself a bit of a tan.


The only down side about organising a wedding abroad is that it is sometimes difficult to organise from another country. For this reason it is sometimes worth hiring a local wedding planner to help you get things organised.


One of the most important things that you must organise is the official documents. You must be able to prove, who you are, where you live and that you are free to marry. You must organise to have them officially stamped by the Greek embassy, with an apostille stamp. You must also get a CNI (certificate of no impediment) and have it all legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and have a certified translation of your CNI through an approved translator. All these documents must be given to the authorities within three months of the actual wedding date.


Having completed these important formalities, you can then concentrate on the job of picking your location and everything else you want at your wedding. You have to decide what you are taking with you, and what you will source in Greece. Some people take a wedding videographer with them, but some hire a local. The price can work out cheaper if you hire a local, but it is harder to vet them from abroad.


Follow the advice in this article and you could be on your way to the perfect wedding abroad. Make a mistake with the formalities, and you could end up not getting married at all, or getting married and finding that your marriage is not legally binding.


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