Do I Really Need Music On My Wedding Video?

The truth is that it is almost impossible to not have music on a wedding video. The main reason for this is that you would essentially have to have no music at all at your wedding, because the video recording would obviously record music that is played on the day.


As a wedding videographer, I can honestly say that I have never attended a wedding ceremony that has not had some music either played or performed. You would certainly struggle to have a first dance with out music. So the answer is that, yes, you really do have to have music on your wedding video.


Having established this fact, it is worth noting, that there are essentially two types of music on a wedding video and these are:


1, Incidental music. Music that is recorded by the video camera because it is actually present on the day.


2, Dubbed music. Music that is added to the video during the editing process.


So, now that we have established that you will essentially always have music on a wedding video, it is now time to ask a slightly different question. Do I really have to have dubbed music added to my wedding video?


The answer is again essentially yes. That is because there are various parts of your wedding video which are montage (short clips quickly edited together) and these always require music to be added to them. The reason we add music to these parts is because:


1, It makes the video more entertaining.

2, Music helps to add a sense of the emotion of the occasion.


You could edit these parts with out music, but that would seriously diminish the watch ability of the wedding video.


So what music should we choose?


The obvious choice is something romantic. This is obvious because it is a romantic occasion. It is worth noting how ever that great care must be taken to not pick music that is too cheesy. Romance yes, but cheese no.


It is also worth noting that you must listen to the lyrics carefully, because some songs that sound romantic on the surface are often not. Often a ballad is sung from a particularly bitter point of view. With out listening closely to the intent of the song, a person sometimes does not realise this.


We always offer the couple the chance to pick their own music for the video. A lot of couples prefer us to pick the music because we know what works, but at least by giving them the chance, they are able to put their own stamp on the editing process.


We also always advice the bride and groom, not to pick music that has already appeared on the video because it was recorded incidentally during the ceremony. We advice this because if you have already heard a song a few minutes ago on the video, and it comes again, it can be distracting for the viewer because they have already anchored that emotion to another stage of the wedding day.


In summary, music is a very important part of a wedding video, but great care must be taken, when picking the music. You are stuck with your wedding video for life, so the correct selection of music is essential.


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