Do I Decide To Get A Wedding Video Or Not Get A Wedding Video

There are many factors that effect a bride and groom's decision making when they decide weather or not to get a wedding video. Here are some of the factors that will effect that decision.


1, The extra pressure that having a permanent recording of your wedding, can be daunting to some. The reason for this is that if you make a mistake, it will be recorded on the video, and because you obviously do not want such a mistake on your wedding video, this can put you under extra pressure not to make that mistake.


2, The intrusion aspect of filming can be an issue. The fact of the matter is, that you as a camera man are not one of the wedding guests and therefore would not be present at the wedding if you were not doing a wedding video for them.


Some couples feel a little uncomfortable with having strangers at their wedding, and as a result are unsure of having a wedding videographer. I think it is for this reason, that most couples do not want to meet the videographer before the wedding. By not knowing him they can almost not acknowledge and notice the camera man.


We usually shoot on a tripod as this means that the camera is a fixed position most of the time. Because the camera is still and not moving around in peoples faces, it makes it much less likely that people will notice it.


3, The cost of a wedding video can be prohibitive, especially if a couple are running out of money in their budget. We often find that the wedding video is the last thing that is booked. Often a couple will wait till the last minute to book a wedding video, once they are sure they have everything else covered.


These factors can put people off getting a wedding video, they are after all valid points. It is how ever also important to remember that your wedding day will be over very fast, and as time goes by, your memory will fade of your special day. Having a wedding video of your day, is the greatest visual and audio aid you can have to remember your special day.


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