Digital Movie File Or Physical Disk


There used to be only one way to get your wedding video and that was on vhs tape. Then came the dvd disk, with all of its advantages over tape, and for years everyone just got a dvd. A few year later came the blue ray, which is essentially just a high definition disk.


Lately however more people have been downloading and streaming films directly onto their televisions. As a result of this we have been selling couples the digital file of their wedding video.


The advantage of the digital movie file over dvd is that it is totally future proof. This is because it is essentially a raw file that can be changed and manipulated into other files and therefore will essentially be able to be transferred to other formats in the future. This is much harder with an authored dvd disk.


Because more people are watching films as streams or down loads, it may be that the physical disk becomes a thing of the past just like vhs tape. You intend to be married for the rest of your life, that is whole point of marriage. It therefore makes little sense to buy your wedding video in a format that makes it impossible to watch in the future.


We are constantly being asked by people if we can transfer their wedding video from vhs to dvd, and the answer is no. There are probably companies out there that can do this, but they charge a small fortune and the quality will only be as good as vhs itself, which is obviously no good for a large plasma TV.


The other advantage of the digital movie file is that it is full high definition at 1920 x 1080, which means the quality is almost four times that of dvd.


As a company we always try to make it clear that the physical disk may not exist in the future, and that because of that they may not be able to watch their wedding video, but despite that a lot of couples still just want the dvd. Personally we think it is crazy to not future proof your wedding, but at least if we have done our part to warn them of this, then we have been professional.


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