Cooperation Between The Videographer And The Photographer

It is a fact that some photographers hate the mere presence of a videographer at a wedding. We have experienced this many times. It is usually the older photographers that think this way. This is because:


1, They used to be the only one charged with producing keep sakes for the bride and groom, and so feel that their importance has been diminished with the presence of a videographer. They feel that their photographs are not as important any more. Well, this is probably true to some extent, since the photographs are now not the only way for a couple to remember their special day.


2, They feel that the presence of a wedding videographer impedes their work. This is also true to some extent, because the videographer does take up space and the photographer might want that particular spot. Also in order for the photographer to move to that spot, he must go around the wedding video in order to not get in their shot. This means that it takes the photographer longer to get to where he needs to take his shot. If he is slowed down he might actually miss his shot.


It is usually the older photographers that feel this way because for years they did not have to deal with a videographer being there. This is simply the wrong attitude, because if the bride and groom want something at their wedding, then it is up to every other supplier to work around it. That is the job that you are being hired for, to do what you do as a component part of the day. It is your job as a professional to work around the day as the bride and groom have planned it.


There are specific stages of the day, when balance between the photographer and the videographer shifts. These are:


1, During the ceremony, the photographer must work around the videographer because the videographer is working on a constant time line and essentially can not move his camera. The videographer must keep his camera on a tripod and operate it in a smooth motion. If he keeps moving the camera, then the footage will look shaky and unprofessional.


2, During the taking of the photographs, the videographer must work around the photographer because the photographer has a big job to do and because the videographer is no longer working on a constant timeline. The photographer should how ever leave enough time for the videographer to get his shots.


3, During the speeches the wedding video producer is on a constant time line again and so the photographer should work around him. Ducking underneath or going around the back of the videographer if he needs to get past.


4, During the first dance the videographer is again working on a constant timeline, so the photographer should work around him. If the photographer needs to get past, as the couple spin during their dance, then he should duck or go around the back of the videographer. We always make a point of letting the videographer know where we are shooting from, and that there is room around the back for them to get past. Because we have made them aware of this, we have put the responsibility on them to make sure that they do it.


Most photographers these days are great to work with. We have noticed a massive difference in the cooperating between us and photographers over the years. This is because the old photographers have eventually started to accept that we are an essential part of the day and because the older photographer are being replaced with a lot of younger photographers, that have started their trade with videographers being there.


I recently spoke to one of the team at Total Manchester Wedding Videos about this, and he agreed that the attitude of photographers has improved a lot. Total Manchester Wedding Videos produce wedding videos in Manchester, and they agree, that with the average age of the wedding photographer getting younger, there is more of an acceptance that the videographer will be there, and that they will have to work around them


As a wedding video company, we go out of our way to ensure that we work well with the photographer, always communicating with them what we plan to do, where we will be stood, how they can get past. We find that trying to engage in this way brings the best results. It also ensures that we have done everything possible to work well with the photographer and as such have acted in a true professional manner.


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