Constitution Of A Wedding Video


There are many elements to a wedding day and as a result of that, there are many elements to a wedding video. In the past wedding photography was a very simple process of a few ceremony and a few group shots outside the church, but in the last twenty years it has all changed and the photographer is now expected to be there all day and therefore photograph so much more.


At the same time the job of the wedding photographer was evolving, the wedding video was coming into existence and developing, to the point that the wedding videographer is also expected to be there all day.


Because the videographer is there all day, he is expected to video nearly everything and produce elements of the wedding video that make up the entire thing.


The elements that we usually add to a wedding video are:


- Bridal Prep

- Ceremony

- Musical montage (photographs)

- Musical (breakfast room)

- Speeches

- Cutting of the cake

- First dance

- Guest messages

- Highlights clip


These are all actual elements of a typical wedding day except for the details of the breakfast/dinning room and the guest messages. The details of the dinning room are added because how a bride and groom decorate their room is a very personal thing and something that the couple spend a lot of time and money on. This section of the video works as a great reminder to the couple, so that many years later they can see their special room in all its glory.

The guest messages are also added because it adds character and some laughs to the usual guest book. It is really nice for the bride and groom to hear how excited and pleased their guests are at not only them getting married, but at being invited to be part of their special day.


It is always important to ask the bride and groom if there is anything else that they would like added to their wedding video. A good example would be if there was a musician or a caricature present at the wedding. As an element of the day it is obvious that they would want this included, especially since they have spent money on it and time to decide to have it.


In summary, I would conclude that there are many elements to a wedding video which are very standard things, but a videographer must also be ready to shoot and capture extra elements that will be important to the bride and groom. If you work on a template of things you know you have to include and add extra things that catch your attention, you should be able to produce a comprehensive video of the day.


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