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There is so much choice out there, when it comes to bride's maids dresses, that it can be very daunting to say the least. A lot of brides go round in circles, and then eventually make a last minute decision that both they, and their brides maids, are not happy with. In this article we will discuss some tips, to help the bride make the correct decision.


1, Early pick of brides maids. In order to start thinking of brides maids dresses, you must first think about who your brides maids are. Everyone has a certain look about them, and as a result of that, they suit certain clothes. You must decide who your models are, before hanging the clothes on them. Once you have picked your brides maids, you can then pick dresses that work with their look.


2, Pick the wedding dress first. The brides maids dresses should compliment your wedding dress. Once you have your wedding dress picked, then you can begin to stylise your maids, to compliment your look.


3, Time of year. Like wedding decorations, you should think about the season that your wedding is taking place in. If it is a winter wedding, you may like your maids to be wearing winter colours. This is a nice touch, that makes your winter wedding look more clearly thought out, and coordinated.


4, Time. Make sure that you give your self and your maids time, to scan through what is available and make informed decisions. A lot of brides leave this choice till the last minute, and then make a knee jerk decision, that just gets the job done, and relieves the stress, as the wedding fast approaches. Decisions made under such circumstances, can often be rushed and regrettable.


5, Budget. Make sure you set your self a clear budget or price, so that you do not waste time looking at dresses that you simply can not afford. If you are going to a shop with your maids to try dresses on, make sure you contact the shop before hand, and ask what their price range is. There is no point spending an afternoon trying dresses on, that you can not afford.


6, Group fitting. It is important to have all of your maids with you when you try these dresses on. It is often the case that four out five brides maids try and love there dresses at the fitting, only to find out that the maid that is missing hates hers, or it does not fit, during bridal prep. She will be the one that has a face like thunder on all the photographs.


7, Narrow down your vision. Do as much internet research as you can, before you even ring or step into a shop. By doing this you can make sure you have looked at very style out there, with out wasting too much time. It also makes the decision easier for you and your maids, when you are at the shop trying them on, because there is less to choose from. Obviously, make sure the shop has all the styles your are interested in before going there.


There are many other tips that can help you in your decision making. These are the most commonly mention ones that we have heard in our time as wedding videographers. Follow these tips, and others that friends pass onto you, and you could be well on your way to making the perfect decision, with your brides maids dresses.


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