Best Man Speech

One of the biggest differences between one wedding and another is the quality of the speeches. In particular the best man's speech, which can be an absolute highlight of the wedding day, or can almost ruin a wedding day.


Here are some key pieces of advice to help a best man when writing and delivering his speech.


1, Make sure you write a speech. This seems like silly advice, but the number of best men I have heard say that they are going to wing it, and end up completely collapsing is rediculous. Remember over confidence is your weekness. You may think you have the gift of the gab, but when you are suddenly in front of one hundred people and the pressure of the situation is on, it is a different matter.


2, Keep it short. If you take to long with your speech, people get bored and switch off. You may think you are the most fascinating person in the world, but that does not mean that other people will. Try to keep that in mind.


3, Be informative. If you are going to tell a joke about a day from the past, remember that other people were not there, and in order for the joke to be funny, you must provide enough setting and information, that others can understand and find it funny.


4, Reherse. When you are saying the speech to your self it is easy. In front of one hundred people, it is much more difficult, so practice in front of friends and family. If you can not deliver the speech perfectly in front of a hand full of people, then you have little chance against one hundred.


5, Introduce yourself. A simple introduction is an easy way to start a speech, and it lets everyone know your relationship with the groom. It really helps you to get into the flow.


6, Thank everyone for attending. This is nice for the guests, but it also helps to get everyone on side. This is important for when you later do the hardest part, which is tell a joke.


7, Finish with a toast. Finishing with a toast is a great way to round your speech off, and if you sound sincere, it helps to increase the feeling of love around the room.


As wedding videographers, we have experienced some dread full speeches, and some truly great ones. The speeches that were terrible were mainly caused by a lack of planning, research and practice. It is a great honour to be made best man, so make the most of it and give it your all.


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