Colour Saturation Or Black And White

It is very common for some of the wedding photographs to be in black and white. This is because black and white photographs look great, but also because the black and white colour scheme is of a traditional and classical nature and the same is true of weddings.


It is less common to have a black and white wedding video. This is because we have got so used to watching television in colour. In fact, it is rare that a major studio cinema release will be shot in black and white these days. It seems fine in our minds to have a black and white photograph, but to watch a film in black and white almost seems like an assault on the senses, because a lot of the information we see in real life with our eyes is missing.


Some couples do ask us to put certain parts of their wedding video in black and white, and this can work well if you are careful to chose the correct section and to not over use it.


We have in the past been asked by a couple to produce a black and white version of their wedding video, along with a colour version. In such a case we shoot in colour and then remove the saturation in post to produce black and white footage.


There are many editorial decisions to make when cutting a wedding video, the colour scheme is just one of them. We are always on hand to advise the bride and groom on any decision they want, but it is always their ultimate decision in the end, because it is they who have to live with, and watch their wedding video for the rest of their lives.



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