Camera Style Of The Wedding Video

There are various ways to control and style a video camera. How you control the camera and frame the shot, is called cinematography and is an art in itself.


Depending on the type of production, we employ different styles of cinematography. When deciding on the style of cinematography to employ on a video shoot, you must first think of the nature of the video production itself.


For example, if you were shooting a horror film, then the use of a Dutch angle would be warranted, because the Dutch angle gives the audience a sense of un ease and confusion, which is obviously helpful in a horror film.


Another example would be the use of the hand held technique. The hand held technique gives a film a sense of documentary real life exposure to the events unfolding, because it mimics more closely what a person sees as their head gently bobs around. This is great if you are trying to add a sense of excitement, if you are trying to give the audience a sense of a very tense situation.


Although some wedding videographers do, we do not employ such techniques in our work, as we feel that a wedding video should be shot in a more classical way, because a wedding is after all a very classical event. We are obviously not trying to create tension or un ease when a person watches their wedding. We are simply trying to make the wedding video look as smooth and nice as possible, so that there are no distractions and therefore the audience can just concentrate on the emotion of the day.



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